Artist Statement

I believe in the curative power of art. Since my early 20s, I’ve constructed work from an intimate place, shaped by my relationship with cancer, chronic illness, childhood trauma and a lifetime of treatments; traditional and radical. At times documentary, at others cathartic, my art making performs the role of physician, therapist and shaman.

I began a new series during an exploratory trip to California in 2014 where the fanciful  natural landscape seduced all of my senses; culminating in my move to San Diego in 2015. The beauty extravaganza continued in Tulum, Mexico where I worked as an artist-in-residence at a yoga retreat in 2016. Snorkeling and playing in the waves awakened memories from childhood vacations in Maine and the ice cold Atlantic Ocean, when my body was new and limber.

The series grew into a body of work entitled “Saturate”, a collection of richly hued mixed media pieces and acrylic paintings. I constructed these urban and magically surreal natural landscapes from photographic images, naively drawn symbols and softly stippled shapes adhered to stretched linen and wood panel.

These collaged juxtapositions escort viewers into multiple visual realities where imagination can trump reason and calm quell angst. Homage is paid to San Diego’s iconic Craftsmen cottages and Tulum’s quintessential green sea, establishing a specificity and accessibility for the viewer.

The figurative works document my regenerative experiences and reference non-dualistic philosophy where figure and environment are one continuous entity. Titles for the figurative pieces and the larger surreal landscape are taken from the Bhagavad Gita, a sacred Indian text espousing non-dualism and the steps one may take to achieve full enlightenment.

With these ideals as their underpinning, each piece in the “Saturate” series aims to emblematize nature’s continuous, indomitable resilience and invite viewers to map their own unique, heroic gestalts.

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