Artist Statement

When I was a child and someone gave me a wrapped gift, I knew what was inside. This knowing, I later learned, is called clairvoyance or “clear seeing”. This ability surfaced in my art making over the years and in 2017 I designed my own oracle deck which I use in my job as a professional psychic. I’ve now fully embraced my clairvoyance/intuition and enjoy integrating psychic readings into my interactive installations and performances. Creating psychic digital paintings and interactive oracle installations is very rewarding — it fills a deep need in viewers to experience guidance and being known.

My work also draws on my experience of healing from childhood sexual trauma and related health issues, including anxiety. My determination to achieve a high quality of life lead me to discover many tools that help me access my body’s natural relaxation state. I translate these complex ideas and science into immersive projects so viewers' lives can be transformed through positive aesthetic experiences. Biofeedback and Havening™ are my latest favorite modalities and both inform Prithva Rhythms. Using technology, music, collage and fabric, I take viewers on a multi-sensory journey.

Nature is also central to my work because I’ve been walking in beautiful areas consistently since I was a kid. In upstate NY, I walked along the Mohawk River almost daily, absorbing its powerful metaphors and timeless beauty. In Tempe, AZ, I frequently walked through Papago Park where sandy trails coated my sneakers in red dust. Walking saved me from my troubles. It gave me a place to discharge excess energy directly into the ground and fill up with hope and optimism.

Working at this intersection of nature, healing, spirituality and science continually teaches me about myself, my nervous system and my “energetic” self. What I find is always universal and therefore speaks to others. Sometimes I consider myself a self-taught shaman, bridging this material world to the vast, unseen realms for anyone who will take the time to experience interactive art.