You Can Fully Recover
Welcome to my coaching practice! I am a Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach through the Carolyn Costin Institute (CCI). CCI Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coaches are trained to offer ongoing support and guidance for those suffering from eating disorders, focusing on the here and now and helping clients with behavior changes necessary for recovery.

Are you terrified of gaining weight? Does following your dietician's prescribed meal plan seem impossible? Are you obsessed with diets and losing weight? Can't stop overeating? Is shopping for new clothes triggering your eating disorder behaviors? Does grocery shopping overwhelm you? Do you miss being creative? Are you highly sensitive? Confused about navigating your 12 step program? If you're tired of feeling ashamed, anxious and alone, CLICK HERE to schedule your complimentary 20 minute clarity call.

What would you like to do with food that you can't currently do? What would you like to STOP doing with food? Are your loved ones worried about how much you exercise? Have you lost sight of your dreams and goals? Are you seeking a spiritual connection?

Big breath in! Now let it are not alone. I am in a unique position to help you with all of these because I am fully recovered for many years and able to eat all foods in satisfying amounts that fuel me -- without obsessing! My life is full of lovely friendships, art-making, service and spiritual practices. And feelings...being a "Highly Sensitive Person" is hard sometimes yet I wouldn't trade it! Art-making helped me I want to help you heal.

My mission is to help you create a life worth living...a life free of eating disorders and filled with creativity! Click here to view my services

I'm trained to eat with you (yes, even those "scary" foods like pizza and ice cream!) (I can also help you learn to eat more slowly and notice fullness cues) take you grocery and/or clothing shopping and help you prepare meals. I will also attend a yoga class, meetup or a special event (wedding etc.) so you learn to enjoy it and fly solo next time! We'll also have 1:1 talk sessions that help you change your behavior in the here and now. We'll use Carolyn Costin's 8 Keys to Recovering From an Eating Disorder as the foundation for our work. I am available between sessions for text or quick call check-ins.

Our "Artsy Meal Support Group" offers a safe space to re-connect with your soul-self and work through eating anxieties amidst peers. We eat and chat about recovery then channel our wisdom into art using paint, collage, etc. More info coming soon! E-mail me to get on the info update list:

If you're sick of feeling ashamed and alone or tired of loved ones worrying about your eating, CLICK HERE to schedule your complimentary 20 minute clarity call.

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