Let's Play Enchanté is currently in A Necessary Departure Exhibition at the San Diego International Airport after it's inclusion in the Oceanside Museum of Art Biennial and Front Porch Gallery's Our Healing Journey show.

The interactive installation grew out of Crystal's experience during the pandemic which introduced accessible ways for her to accommodate her disability and sensory challenges, and to interact with others, including an online cancer support arts group. Crystal collected rocks on life-saving and rejuvenating walks through Lake Murray and Presidio Park. Each rock that she painted and added to her small "village" felt like two people meeting for the first time saying, “Enchanté” (the French word for “It’s nice to meet you”).

Visitors are invited to discover new arrangements, shapes and colors using the tools to mindfully shift rocks and rake sand while asking themselves, “What do I risk when I reveal more of myself?” And “Can I listen and relate with people once they reveal traits I don’t agree with or understand?